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The Chamber is always looking for passionate and dedicated volunteers to participate in local programs and events. If you or someone you know is interested in participating in a program or event that helps serve our greater Niles community, then peruse the opportunities below or contact the Greater Niles Chamber of Commerce for details.



Who are the Chamber ambassadors?

The Greater Niles Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors are a special group of business professionals and community leaders that have chosen to volunteer to represent the Chamber of Commerce and the community it serves. As ambassadors, these individuals assist in welcoming new members to the Chamber as well as to the community, making Chamber functions and events successful and enjoyable, and helping to promote and execute the Chamber’s primary mission and goals to the best of their abilities.

Why become a Chamber ambassador?

The Greater Niles Chamber of Commerce’s Ambassador Program is a distinguished and esteemed group of individuals within the area. A position within the program means that one has been hand-selected to represent this community, and will allow for these individuals to take their business and professional growth to the next level.


As a Chamber ambassador, one will have the opportunity to

  • Be part of an exclusive group of community leaders.
  • Network with community members and businesses on a regular and more personal basis.
  • Keep in touch with the current happenings around Niles.
  • Gain exposure for oneself and one’s business/organization.
  • Support one’s community.
  • Be the first to greet new community members and businesses in our area.
  • Gain access to unique events and services.
  • Connect with prominent community leaders.
  • Build a more intimate relationship with the Chamber and its members.
  • Participate in unique opportunities to showcase your business/organization.


What is expected of a Chamber ambassador?

Chamber ambassadors are asked to help promote the Chamber’s mission of business growth within the area by assisting with Chamber events, maintaining a Chamber presence within the community, and building relationships with Chamber members. The Greater Niles Chamber of Commerce hosts a variety of events that serve the greater Niles area. As an ambassador, one is asked to attend these events and assist in making them successful and enjoyable for Chamber members. The Chamber hosts monthly networking events both before and after hours, ribbon cuttings based on demand, an annual luncheon, the annual Fireworks Spectacular, and more.

Maintaining a Chamber presence in the community is best served by attending member and community events, promoting the Chamber services to non-member businesses/organizations, and remaining informed about community currents.

The Chamber of Commerce has been an established member of the greater Niles community since 1919. Hundreds of businesses are members of the Chamber. Each ambassador is assigned a portion of the membership to help build and maintain meaningful relationships. Ambassadors are asked to maintain contact with their members so that information can be easily relayed between the Chamber and the business/organization.


What are the requirements of the Chamber ambassadors?

Ambassadors are required to attend the monthly ambassador meetings and to earn a minimum of 300 points quarterly (Please see the Ambassador Point System for more details). Attendance at these monthly meetings is imperative to ensure that information is being relayed appropriately and effectively, therefore, the Chamber asks that ambassadors attend as many of these meetings as possible. If a Chamber ambassador accrues more than three unexcused absences or more than five excused absences, than an ambassador may be asked to step down from their position.

For more information about the Ambassador Program, please email

View current list of ambassadors.

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