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Location and Maps

World Class Location

Access to the nation - access to the world!

Living the lifestyle of beauty, arts, history, and soul-restoring recreation in greater Niles also gives you access to customers and commerce - this location really is right at the crossroads of business activity.

  • 90 minutes to the Chicago Loop via highway - less by train.
  • 44 million customers in a five-hour radius - translates to more than one fifth of the U.S. population.
  • 40 million customers can be reached overnight via over-the-road transport. (UPS)
  • 22 major cities within 600 miles. (See table below)
  • 4 national and/or global modes of transportation: highways, railways, airports, and shipping ports.

22 Major Cities Within 600 Miles


54 - Kalamazoo, MI249 - Cincinnati, OH412 - Des Moines, IA
90 - Chicago, IL250 - Madison, WI433 - Nashville, TN
100 - Grand Rapids, MI263 - Louisville, KY435 - Toronto, ON
125 - Lansing, MI264 - Cleveland, OH457 - Buffalo, NY
144 - Indianapolis, IN310 - Green Bay, WI510 - Minneapolis, MN
165 - Toledo, OH363 - St. Louis, MO600 - Kansas City, MO
186 - Detroit, MI378 - Pittsburgh, PA
196 - Milwaukee, WI402 - Charleston, WV


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Click here for more information about the transportation network connecting your business to the world.


Graphic map of the regionTo view maps of greater Niles and the SW Michigan area, and get directions around the area please visit:

The Greater Niles area is Perfectly Position to fit your business needs!
With the I-80-90 Toll Road just south of the greater Niles area and running from Madison, Chicago, Toledo, Cleveland, and Buffalo (NY) and the I-94 (connecting to Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Detroit) to the North and West, transporting products to and from is done with ease. Along with the possibilities of rail access, harbors and area airports, you will have no problems with shipping products near and far.

Perfectly Positioned Map - PDF Version

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