Southwest Michigan Chambers of Commerce and Tourist Councils

Southwestern Michigan is fortunate to have a number of Chambers of Commerce that are dedicated to making a positive difference in their respective communities.  The membership of these chambers is comprised of businesses, organizations, and individuals concerned with the socio-economic climate of the community and is working to make the community a better place to live, work, and play.  The chambers enable people to accomplish collectively what no one person can do individually by creating a pool of financial and human resources from which to draw new ideas, as well as energy to accomplish planned activities.

The chambers exist to improve the visibility and vitality of their member businesses, organizations, and individuals.  Throughout the year the chambers organize and facilitate a number of community events, festivals, and networking opportunities.  The chambers often serve as the first point of contact for newcomers and visitors.  The chambers field inquiries on a daily basis regarding the area from day-visitors to people who are considering relocation to the area.

Whether you are a tourist, a small business, or someone considering relocating to the area, we encourage you to reach out our local chambers of commerce and tourist councils for more information:

Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce
Four Flags Area Chamber of Commerce
Harbor Country Chamber of Commerce
Michigan Chamber of Commerce
Southwestern Michigan Tourist Council
Four Flags Area Apple Festival
Niles Main Street